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Alumni Awards

After graduation, SLU alumni head out into the world to make a difference — in their fields, in their communities and in the lives of others. The University is pleased to honor their achievements with a variety of awards.

Alumni Merit Awards

An Alumni Merit Award is bestowed upon a distinguished graduate from 12 of SLU’s schools, colleges and centers in recognition of his or her outstanding achievement, dedication to a chosen profession and commitment to the mission of the University.

Alumni are welcome to nominate their fellow SLU graduates for the awards. The National Alumni Board, Development Division, leadership and faculty from 12 schools and colleges across the University select the winners. Recipients are honored at an annual award ceremony held during Homecoming and Family Weekend.

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Alumni Merit Award Recipients


alumni merit recipients 2017

Thomas Downey, Chicago, Illinois
College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 1986

William Sly, St. Louis, Missouri
School of Medicine, Class of 1957

Thomas Hillmeyer, Chesterfield, Missouri
Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business, Class of 1964

Margaret Vandeven, Jefferson City, Missouri
School of Education, Class of 2014 

Linda Heitman, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
School of Nursing, Class of 1987 and 2001

Michael Riley, Belleville, Illinois
Doisy College of Health Sciences, Class of 1975

J. Breezer Rickey, Chicago, Illinois
College for Public Health and Social Justice, Class of 1992

Patrick Lee, Key Largo, Florida
Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, Class of 1959

J. Barry McCormick, Tucson, Arizona
Institute of Technology, Class of 1962 and 1967

Frank Friedlein Jr., St. Charles, Missouri
School for Professional Studies, Class of 1976


John P. Coyne
College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 1959

Aron E. Dellinger
Center for Advanced Dental Education, Class of 1999

Mark R. Bell, ’67
Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business, Class of 1967

Lara A. Lennaman
Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology, Class of 2003

Anne G. Perry
 School of Nursing, Class of 1976

Joseph F. Steurer, ’59
Institute of Technology, Class of 1959

Susan A. Klepper
Doisy College of Health Sciences, Class of 1966

Larry C. Chang
College for Public Health and Social Justice, Class of 1989

William J. Dowling
School for Professional Studies, Class of 1983

Mary A. Bruemmer
School of Education, Class of 1960

Peter J. Dempsey
School of Medicine, Class of 1966


BAA Distinguished Service Award

The Black Alumni Association’s annual award honors those who make outstanding contributions to the African-American community through religious, cultural, civic, professional and/or educational efforts and accomplishments. 

To nominate an individual for the award, send the award application and corresponding materials to LaVerne Robinson at Nominees need not be a SLU graduate, however, the award is not given posthumously.

Distinguished Black Alumni Award Recipients

Dr. Mildred R. Anderson (A&S ’69)
Dr. Edwin Bailey (E&PS ’88)
Judy Bentley (BSN ’75)
Freeman Bosley, Jr. (A&S ’76, LAW ’79)
Major William Brown (LAW ’98)
Dr. Frederick Cason (Med ’78)
Dr. John Doggett (E&PS ’69 & ’71)*
The Honorable Jimmie M. Edwards (A&S ’78, LAW ’81)
Dr. Flint Flower (E&PS ’97)
Queen Dunlap Fowler (E&PS ’65 & ’74)
Johnny Furr, Jr. (A&S ’78)
Darryl T. Jones (A&S ’77)
Jessie J. Knight, Jr. (A&S ’72)
Angela Lewis (A&S ’04, Ed ’06)
Michael McMillan (A&S ’96)
Joseph Palm (A&S ’95, Grad PH ’01)
Donnell Reid (Cook ’64, Grad Cook ’74)
Father Paul Reinert (A&S ’33, Grad ’34)*
Angela Roffle (SW ’99)
Dr. Karla Scott (A&S ‘81)
Pauline V. Smith (Cook ’77)*
Carol Weir (Grad SW ’72)
John Wright (E&PS ’62, ’68, & ’78)
Dr. Katie Harper Wright (Ed ’79)



Order of the Fleur de Lis Hall of Fame

Fleur di Lis logoInclusion in the School of Law’s Order of the Fleur de Lis is granted to alumni who bring honor to the school through their professional success, significant contributions to the community and demonstrated Jesuit spirit. Honorees are inducted into the hall of fame in an annual ceremony.

Alumni are welcome to nominate fellow graduates for induction to the order. Inductees are selected by a committee comprising the dean, alumni and staff.

2017 Inductees

Fleur di Lis 2017 honorees

The Honorable Terry I. Adelman* ('70)
Honorable Susan E. Block ('75)
Kevin C. Curran ('78)
Jesse A. Goldner, John D. Valentine Professor of Law Emeritus
Roger L. Goldman, Callis Family Professor of Law Emeritus
Honorable Jimmie M. Edwards ('81)
Anita C. Esslinger ('78)
Bernard A. Reinert ('62)
Honorable Karen E. Schreier ('81)
Mary Anne Sedey ('75)
Reuben A. Shelton ('81)
Honorable Lisa S. Van Amburg ('75)


 Order of the Fleur de Lis Members


The Honorable Henry Autrey ('77)
Clyde S. Cahill ('51)
The Honorable Michael B. Calvin ('75)
Dennis C. Donnelly ('66)
Susan A. "Tonie" FitzGibbon ('84)
David J. Hensler ('67)
F. William Human, Jr. ('50)
The Honorable Mary Kathryn Hoff ('78)
Joseph L. Leritz ('52)
Henry F. Luepke ('60)
Marian V. "Bo" Mehan ('82)
Robert F. Scoular ('64)
The Honorable Joseph J. Simeone (Professor Emeritus)
John G. Simon ('86)
Arlene Zarembka ('74)


John (Jack) M. Bray (’62)
Honorable Kathianne Knaup Crane (’71)
Irvin (’54) and Maggie Dagen*
Doreen D. Dodson (’74)
John E. (Jack) Dunsford* (’56)
Vincent C. Immel*
Sandra H. Johnson
Honorable Theodore McMillian* (’49)
Michael D. O'Keefe (’61)
Peter W. Salsich Jr. (’65)
Eileen H. Searls
John C. Shepherd* (’51)
Honorable Paul J. Simon (’60)
Jon A. Theobald (’70)



School of Medicine Pioneer Award

Established in 2002, the Saint Louis University School of Medicine’s Pioneer Award periodically recognizes graduates who have made outstanding contributions to or a significant impact on their profession or community, setting a path for others to follow.

Past Pioneer Award recipients

2011: Patricia L. Monteleone, M.D. (’61)
2007: Harry Revels III, M.D. (’56)
2002: Mary Nawrocki McGinnis, M.D. (’52)


School of Medicine Alumni Association Community Service Award

Established in 2011, this award recognizes and honors service demonstrated by School of Medicine graduates.

Past recipients 

2015: Herman J. Echsner, M.D. (’52)
2013: Howard M. Place, M.D. (’83)
2011: William M. Fogarty, Jr., M.D. (’60)


School of Medicine Early Achievement Award

Established in 2015, this award is presented to an alumna/alumnus who graduated from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine within the last 20 years and who has demonstrated excellence in medical practice or research, service to the community and/or commitment to Saint Louis University.

Past recipients

2015: Edward C. Chen, M.D. (’05)