About Cura

Saint Louis University is committed to being a caring community. That goal is represented by the name of a new initiative, Cura, which is Latin for "care." It holds us all to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Each of us has a responsibility to foster a culture of understanding, respect and appreciation for the people with whom we work and interact, and to inspire a collaborative and collegial working, learning and social environment.

In order to protect the health and well-being of our workplace and community, we commit to the following Cura standards:

  • Treating each other with dignity, compassion and respect
  • Treating all colleagues as equally important team members, regardless of job, role or title
  • Appreciating and understanding the culture, humanity and differences of others
  • Building trust through open, honest communication, reliability and integrity

Learn... Share... Grow... Get Support

The Cura program is a response to the SLU community's stated desire to build and sustain a positive workplace culture.

Visit the About Cura page to:

  • Learn more about Cura
  • Share and see examples of the Cura Standards in action
  • Grow and develop skills to support a collegial workplace
  • Get support to resolve issues of trust, respect or civility

Please reach out if you need immediate assistance:

For Madrid Campus: 

  • Call the employee hotline at 900-99-0011 and then enter 877-525-5669 when asked for the hotline number
  • Contact the Director of Human Resources at rodrip@slu.edu